Arizona Annual General Meeting Requirements for Condos, Co-Ops, and HOAs

Scheduling an annual meeting or a board meeting can be aggravating. Trying to get all board members to agree on a specific date is challenging. Regardless of the date you choose for your annual meeting, you are unlikely to receive full participation from all members. 

What if there was a better way to hold association meetings? BuildingBoard has a solution that will take the trouble out of scheduling and holding annual meetings.

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Simplify Your Board Meetings in Arizona With BuildingBoard

You can simplify your association meetings by using BuildingBoard. Our online platform gives you the ability to send notices and reminders to members. It allows members and directors to attend meetings virtually, without downloading software or apps. All that is required is access to an internet browser.

Now members and directors can participate in live meetings from wherever they may be at the meeting time. Remote voting is also available. Our easy-to-use system does all the work for you.

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Risks of Missing a Quorum in Arizona

Missing a quorum means that you cannot conduct business at your annual meeting or board meeting. It results in wasted time, effort, and money. You must reschedule the meeting, send out notices, and hope that you have a quorum at the rescheduled meeting.

Allowing members and directors to participate in the live meeting at their convenience increases participation. Greater participation reduces the risk of missing a quorum.

Annual General Meeting Requirements

The annual meeting is held to conduct business that impacts the entire community. However, these meetings may also provide owners and shareholders the opportunity to voice concerns or issues.


The Condominium Act applies to all condominiums created in Arizona. Meetings of members are to be held at least one time per year. Special meetings may be called as necessary. Notice of the meeting must be given at least ten days in advance, but not more than 50 days before, the meeting date. 

Unless the bylaws or articles state a different quorum, a quorum equals 25 percent of the votes in the association present in person or by proxy at the beginning of the meeting. The quorum for a board of directors meeting is 50 percent of the votes on the board. 

Voting is permitted by proxy during the period of declarant control. Notwithstanding provisions of the condominium documents, proxy voting is not permitted after the termination of declarant control. The association can provide that votes be cast in person and by absentee ballot. Additionally, the association may provide for voting by use of e-mail and fax delivery.

Co-Ops and HOAs

Most co-ops and HOAs are organized as nonprofit corporations. Therefore, they are subject to the Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Unless the bylaws or articles state otherwise, annual meetings of the members are required. Notice of the annual meeting is required not more than 60 days before, but at least ten days before the meeting date. 

Unless provided elsewhere in the code or by the bylaws or articles, a quorum for an annual meeting equals one-tenth of the votes entitled to be cast on a matter.

Voting is permitted by written ballot as allowed by the bylaws and articles and in compliance with §10-3708. In addition, members may vote in person or by proxy.

The Arizona Planned Communities Act

In addition to the above laws, the Arizona Planned Communities Act applies to all planned communities created in Arizona. The statute requires annual meetings of the members. Notice of the meeting is given at least ten days before, but not more than 50 days before, the meeting date.

As with nonprofit corporations, proxy ballots are not permitted after the termination of the period of declarant control. However, the association may provide voting by absentee ballot, e-mail, fax, and other delivery forms.

Virtual Annual Meetings in Arizona

The Condominium Act does not explicitly discuss remote or virtual access to meetings, but it does permit absentee voting. If the condominium association is organized as a nonprofit corporation, it could be subject to the laws governing nonprofit organizations. 

Section 10-708 of the Corporations and Associations statutes states that an annual meeting may be held by any means of remote communication unless prohibited by the articles or bylaws. The notice of the meeting must specify how members may participate remotely during the live meeting. The statute also allows for the board of directors to authorize electronic transmission of votes. 

Because an association could be subject to one or more statutes, board members may want to seek legal advice regarding remote meetings and electronic voting.

Hold Your Arizona Annual Board Meetings Virtually with BuildingBoard

BuildingBoard is easy to use, convenient, and avoids problems reaching quorums. Schedule your meeting, invite members via email, and conduct the vote on the day of the meeting. Your members vote via their smartphone or computer.

Are you ready to simply your annual meetings? Contact BuildingBoard to learn more about our services and to schedule a demo.

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