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Host condo and co-op meetings online with ease.

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Meetings are 10x more productive with BuildingBoard’s online platform. No downloads required.

BuildingBoard takes care of the hard parts.

Control the flow of meetings with features to assign proxies, mute and unmute speakers, add documents.

Want to make sure everyone can attend the meeting? Fellow owners and guests can join over video or dial-in from their phone.

Unit owners vote with their computer or smartphone with our built-in secure voting tool.

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The BuildingBoard Experience

Run a smooth annual board meeting with only a few clicks.

Manage the flow of meetings to get business done with the ability to mute other speakers and control screen sharing options.

A voting system that makes sense and is secure.

Go into annual board meetings with confidence knowing votes can’t be edited after they’re submitted. Feel free to easily assign or remove proxies prior to the meeting, ensuring your vote is counted. Voting may be opened once quorum is reached just like an in-person meeting.

Stay connected when it matters most.

Attend meetings from the comfort of your home by joining over video or securely dial-in from wherever you’re at with a BuildingBoard-provided phone number and PIN.

Your annual board meetings should be no stress.

BuildingBoard is a simple and powerful platform to run annual general meetings. As a condo or co-op board member, you can be confident business will get done.

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