Mississippi Annual General Meeting Requirements for Condos, Co-Ops, and HOAs

Scheduling your annual meetings and board meetings for your association can be time-consuming. The last thing you want to do is reschedule the meeting because you do not have a quorum. However, how can you get enough people to attend the meeting in person to have a quorum? BuildingBoard has a solution.

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Simplify Your Board Meetings in Mississippi With BuildingBoard

The BuildingBoard platform is a simple, easy-to-use internet-based format for attending association meetings remotely. Our system makes it possible for members to attend live annual meetings and cast their votes electronically. They do not need software or apps. All they need to do is access the meeting remotely through our website from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Members can attend from wherever they may be located at the time of the annual meeting or board meeting.

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Risks of Missing a Quorum in Mississippi

Missing a quorum can be costly. It can also create problems for the association. The board of members may need to involve emergency powers for urgent business that could not be conducted without a quorum. Special meetings or court-ordered meetings may be required.

With remote attendance and voting, you can avoid missing a quorum at your next annual meetings. BuildingBoard has done the work for you to easily set up a remote board meeting or annual meeting.

Annual General Meeting Requirements

The annual meeting is held to conduct business that impacts the entire community. However, these meetings may also provide owners and shareholders the opportunity to voice concerns or issues.


Condominiums are subject to the provisions of the Mississippi Condominium Law. According to §89-9-17, the owner of the protect shall record a declaration of restrictions. The declaration binds all owners of the condominiums in the project.

Among other things, the declaration can provide:

  • Voting majorities
  • Meeting dates 
  • Quorums
  • Notices
  • Other rules governing such body

The statutes do not provide much information regarding specific requirements for annual meetings, proxies, quorums, and voting rights. It leaves that to the association declaration.

However, if the association is a nonprofit corporation, it is also subject to the Mississippi Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Co-Ops and HOAs

Mississippi does not have specific statutes related to co-ops or HOAs. However, most common interest properties are organized as nonprofit corporations. Therefore, they are subject to the Mississippi Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Portions of this act that might apply to an association’s annual meeting include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Annual meetings of the membership are to be held as directed by the bylaws
  • Notice of meetings is according to the bylaws, but must be fair and reasonable. The fair and reasonable requirement is met when notice is given at least ten days before (at least 30 if not mailed by first-class or registered mail) and not more than 60 days before the meeting date
  • Quorums are set by the bylaws or by law. The statute calls for a quorum of 10 percent of the votes entitled to be cast on a matter if the bylaws do not state another percentage or number
  • Unless the bylaws or articles prohibit it, a member may vote by proxy

A careful review of the bylaws and articles, in addition to the statutes, is required to ensure that board members follow all requirements for holding annual meetings.

Virtual Annual Meetings in Mississippi

The Condominium Act does not address remote meetings. 

However, the Nonprofit Corporation Act states in §79-11-197(5) that the articles of incorporation or the bylaws may provide for annual meetings of members to be held by means of the internet or other electronic communications technology. The members must be able to participate in the live meeting and vote on matters submitted to the members. 

Section 79-11-255 permits board members to attend regular and special meetings by using any means of communication that allow all board members to participate in the meeting.

Hold Your Mississippi Annual Board Meetings Virtually with BuildingBoard

BuildingBoard is easy to use, convenient, and avoids problems reaching quorums. Schedule your meeting, invite members via email, and conduct the vote on the day of the meeting. Your members vote via their smartphone or computer.

Are you ready to simply your annual meetings? Contact BuildingBoard to learn more about our services and to schedule a demo.

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